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St. Wenceslas Church in Lišov

After the burning the town Lišov down since 1661 began the priest Stanislav Gajecius to visit the church.

tř. 5. května 868/1
373 72 Lišov

He also brought a picture of the Mother of God, which is to these days a part of the altar. Today’s appearance of the church originates from the years 1862 – 1865, when the old church was demolished and a new one was built. The whole construction cost 40 000 golden coins. In the churd you can find an organ from the workshop of the wellknown bohemian organ craftsman František Svítil sen.


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Longitude: 41,00 km
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    Scraps from history

    Scraps from history

    The 13th and 14th century, golden age of Třeboň, The heyday under the reign of the Schwarzenbergs and more- this is history of Town Třeboň.


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